The Indian College of Physicians - ICP, Academic wing of The Association of Physicians of India,

From the Desk of DEAN

G Narsimulu  

It is indeed a great honour and privilege to assume office as Dean of the Indian College of Physicians. I am following in the footsteps of stalwarts and this imposes a greater responsibility on me. I would like to place on record my deepest appreciation for the excellent work done by the outgoing team.

The mandate of the College is to actively promote and facilitate continuing professional development of the physicians of this country. Medicine is an ever changing field. No doctor can afford to be ignorant of the rapidly changing therapeutic landscape in Medicine. At the same time we are swamped with information. As an institution, one of our foremost duties is to update all physicians about contemporary trends in our specialty.  Medicine can never be practised in isolation from the society. We may or may not know about uncommon or rare syndromes but we should surely know about problems rampant in our country: infections, diabetes, gout etc.  Towards this end, the  Indian College of Physicians plays an important role in commissioning guidelines/recommendations and publishing monographs. Guidelines  have to be evidence based, context specific and resource sensitive. Monographs provide in depth information about a specific topic especially Indian data.  Much of the data available in our country languishes for want of publication. The College can play an important role in assisting and  encouraging all doctors to publish.

Some of the other things that we have in mind are: development of standard slide kits and e-modules. India has >350 medical colleges.  Standards vary widely. We would aim to develop standard teaching slides for undergraduates that fulfil an important need. E-modules would help physicians refresh their knowledge. All this and much more is possible if all of us come together.

My team and I will endeavour to do our best to further the goals and interests of our College and justify the trust you have reposed in us. Over the years, I have had the good fortune of  sagacious advice from many friends in API and ICP and I solicit your continued guidance. A society or association,  in order to grow, has to be all inclusive. Towards this end, I welcome the thoughts and opinions of all esteemed members so that we can improvise and improve, cooperate and collaborate, work and progress together. If you have ideas, do share with us. This is your College. Feel free to phone, email or write. An involved membership is a pre-requisite for an evolved College!

Long live ICP.

Thank you.


Dr. Amal Kumar Banerjee
3/3, Padma Babu Road, Bally, Howrah 711201, West Bengal